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Snow Removal for YOUR business

Winter snow and ice can present a major obstacle for businesses and consumers. Custom Pool, LLC can solve your winter time problems. With our fleet of plow trucks and our own salt warehouse, we have the tools and materials in hand to deal with winter time woes

Lot Plowing

Our trucks operate with top tier equipment at tip-top shape and have experienced operators to be sure your lot is up to professional standards to keep your customers safe and coming back.

Deicing Solutions

Due to or close ties with local deicing salt distributor, Salt Industries, LLC, we are able to save in incredible amount on materials and are excited about passing those savings onto you!

Emergency Services

We know that the St. Louis area can be spotty with the snow storms, that's why we offer emergency services for those popup storms that you might not see coming. Call at any time of the night, we'll be there!

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