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A leader in quality outdoor spaces since 1996

We are pleased you have stopped by to give us the opportunity to craft your very own personal oasis

What we offer

Custom Pool, LLC is a distinguished designer and builder of premium in-ground pools and backyard retreats, proudly serving the St. Louis, Missouri area since 1996. With a focus on client satisfaction, our  team specializes in crafting custom gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass pools, as well as additional backyard amenities such as spas, kitchens, and water features. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and high-quality work has made us an industry leader, with a majority of our projects originating from client referrals. Whether you're looking to create a serene escape or an entertainment hub in your backyard, Custom Pool, LLC has the expertise and dedication to bring your vision to life.



Commercial Snow Removal

The challenges of winter snow and ice can pose significant difficulties for businesses and their patrons. Custom Pool, LLC is here to alleviate your wintertime concerns. Boasting a fleet of plow trucks and our very own salt storage facility, we possess the essential resources and expertise to effectively address the cold-weather complications that arise during the winter months.


Committed to Excellence

Jack's Journey with Custom Pool, LLC began as a humble one-person venture, where he single-handedly managed excavation, transportation, and concrete finishing tasks. Over the years, Jack's dedication and expertise led to the acquisition of an established pool company, which he continues to operate and develop, crafting bespoke pools for clients as far afield as Troy, IL and DeFiance, MO.

Jack's clientele quickly expanded beyond just new pool installations, and he assembled a phenomenal team to meet the growing demand. This skilled workforce, which includes his two sons, experienced technicians, foremen, and laborers, specializes in a wide range of services such as spring openings, fall closings, liner replacements, equipment repair and replacement, pool rehabs, fiberglass pool repairs, concrete pool deck replacements, and much more.

Over the past decade, as homeowners have transformed their backyards into personal havens, Custom Pool, LLC has been the go-to choice for crafting bespoke outdoor retreats. The company's comprehensive offerings include boulder retaining walls with sophisticated waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, pool houses, concrete slides, built-in hot tubs, pergolas, and numerous other elements to help create your perfect backyard sanctuary.

Jack eagerly anticipates the opportunity to discuss your vision and bring it to life, creating a personalized oasis you can enjoy for years to come!

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